Take Equity Trading Tips With a Pinch of SaltJune 04, 2020 | Blogs from our experts

Every single morning, Mr Ramesh starts his day with the usual exercise, breakfast and newspaper before running to his office. On a Sunday evening he receives an equity trading tip in the form of Web Message to buy XYZ stock. Next morning, he trades on the tip through his online equity trading account with one of the flat fee brokers with an expectation of a quick buck. The same story continues for some time and by the end of month he books significant losses and as a result, he decides not to look back at the stock market again.Unfortunately, this story is common for the stock market investors and traders in India. Infamous and unethical in nature,this business is widespread in various parts of the world, hunting on savings of lakhs of naïve market participants.But the fault is not only....

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