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Form No A1.1Description Various Schemes for opening Accounts
Form No A1.2Description Check List to be filled by AP/RM/Sub-Broker at the time of submitting the form
Form No A2.1Description Individual Account
Form No A2.2Description HUF Account
Form No A2.3Description Corporate Account
Form No A2.4Description NRI Account
Form No A2.5Description Partnership Firm Account
Form No A2.6Description Trust Account
Form No A2.7Description Minor Account
Form No A6.1Description Equities and Currency Trading and/or Demat Account
Form No A6.2Description Commodities Trading Account
Form No A6.3Description PMS Account
Form No A6.4Description Smart SIP
Form No A3.1Description Equities & Currency Trading Account and Demat Account Modification Form
Form No A3.2Description Commodities Account Modification Form
Form No A3.3Description PMS Account Modification Form
Form No A3.4Description Mobile Regitration/modification Form for SMS Alerts
Form No A3.5Description Nominee Registration Form
Form No A3.6Description Group/RM Change Request Form for all segment/exchange/companies.
Form No A3.7Description Brokerage Change Request Form for all segment/exchange/companies
Form No A3.8Description For change of karta for HUF Account
Form No A3.9Description NOC for registering second holder of bank account to Demat and Trading bank details
Form No A3.10Description For change in Signature in Demat account
Form No A4.1Description For Issue of Digitally signed Demat Statements in lieu of Physical copies
Form No A4.2Description For Issue of Digitally signed Contract cum bills in lieu of Physical copies - Equity & Currency
Form No A4.3Description For Issue of Digitally signed Contract cum bills in lieu of Physical copies - Commodities
Form No A4.4Description To enable Internet/wireless Trading Facility in Equities and Currency
Form No A4.5Description Request to enable Internet/wireless Trading Facility in Commodities.
Form No A4.6Description For activation of Mutual Fund Segment
Form No A4.7Description For re-activation of Equities and Currency Segment
Form No A4.8Description For re-activation of Commodities Segment
Form No A4.9Description Request for Trading in Different Segments
Form No A4.10Description Request for change in Demant Annual Maintenance changes (AMC)
Form No A4.11Description Application to HOLD smart SIP for specific period
Form No A4.12Description Request for Additional buy of units in running Smart SIP
Form No A5.1Description DECLARATION - By Clients who do not wish to provide their Mobile No/ Email Id
Form No A5.2Description Declaration for Common Mobile no / Email ID for Demat and Trading accounts
Form No A5.3Description Declaration of BSDA to Continue availing the facility of regular demat account
Form No A5.4Description Declaration for updation of Income and networth details
Form No A5.5Description Declaration to opt out from receiving consolidated account statement (CAS)
Form No A5.6Description FATCA Declaration - Individual
Form No A5.7Description FATCA Declaration - Non Individual