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Smart Algo Options – An Algo Based Derivatives Strategy


Objective of this strategy is to generate high returns irrespective of the market condition

Salient features

> Fully automated algorithm based trading system.

> Trades only on intra-day basis in Nifty and Bank Nifty Options.

> Only Options Buying – Limited Risk.

> Keeps small and strict stop losses.

> Limit to maximum loss in a day and cumulative loss in the portfolio.

> Strategy has been designed with 170+ filters like volatility, volume, price break-out, ATM/ OTM/ ITM of options, days to maturity and price band of the options.

> Max draw down of 30% (under live and testing phase).

> Average return in the range 50-60% (under live and testing phase).

Who should invest?

> Risk appetite of 30%.

> Minimum investment of Rs 5,00,000 with time horizon of 2 years.